I advise health insurers and universal health plans on information systems
The practice, including affiliated consultants and organization, possess substantial international experience and provides a wide range of capabilities in the healthcare areas of advisory services, IT support for health plans, health plan operations and market analysis.

IT Support for Universal Health Plans

Engaged during 2015 as an International Information Technology Expert for a Integrated National Health Insurance Solution for a second Caribbean country.

Served as advisor to the Turks and Caicos Government’s new National Health Insurance Plan through IT architecture planning, contributing functional requirements to an RFP and assisting in the selection of a Business Partner to build and manage the Plan for 5 years.

Supported the San Francisco Health Plan’s acquisition of systems to implement an underinsured innovative program by selecting capable and appropriate claims system vendors to respond to a Request for Proposal, execute due diligence and recommend a solution.

Supporting Health Plan Operations

Proposed and closed a business process reengineering plan, a data warehouse and a claims system in behalf of the Computer Science Corporation for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. This 3-month full time engagement was Phase 1 of a multi-year plan to transform the insurer using information systems and Internet technology.

Authored a market leading insurer’s business plan in the Republic of South Africa, Sanlam, Cape Town. A large team from the USA and from the firm mastered the challenges of working collaboratively.

 Prepared comprehensive IT requirements analysis for Kaiser Permanente Online at HQ and contributed to managing cross division contributions of team members leading to a revised portal approach.

Leveraging Global Network to Support Market Analysis

Accelerated emerging market expansion into 19 countries for The World Bank’s International Finance Corporation.

Provided global market analysis for eHealthInsurance.com through the Academy of Health Studies to enable targeting of countries for business expansion.

Provided pharmaceutical firms with market analyses in Europe and Canada for the Life Science Strategy Group, LLC by accessing C level executives for interviews focused on the regulations and policies impacting the acceptance of new products.

Provided pharmaceutical firms with market analyses in Eastern Europe and Asia for Navigant Consulting by accessing C level executives for interviews focused on the regulations and policies impacting the acceptance of new products.

Ongoing Strategic Consulting through Advisory Services

Serving as Council Member of the Gerson Lehrman Group Inc. since April 2008. During the period 2013 to 2015 consultations have focused primarily on public and private health insurance exchanges, the impact of the Affordable Care Act on different sectors of the healthcare industry and trends and development impacting investment decisions.

Served as managing engagement consultant for MSquared, Inc., San Francisco, over a 10 year period on 10+ projects involving the University of California at San Francisco, Blue Shield of California, Kaiser and a wide range of specialized vendors.

Managing Change Through Half-Day Transformation Workshops

“National EHR Programs Trigger Transformational Change: Develop Your Approach to Overcoming Program Road Blocks,” Wieners, Walter, Hyatt, Susan, Mottram, Phil, Workshop, MEDINFO, Brisbane, Australia.

Sharing National Electronic Health Record Program Experience Through Presentations

“EHR Implementations: Research Findings from Around the Globe.” Served as Co-Chair, Global Electronic Health Record Task Force, Health Information Management Systems Society for three years. The research of our international twenty plus member team has been presented at HIMSS, MEDINFO, AMIA and during Guest Lectures at The Johns Hopkins University. We published two extensive White Papers.

Contributing to Thought Leadership Through Book Publications

Edited “Global Health Care Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to the Regions, Trends, and Opportunities Shaping the International Health Arena,” published by John Wiley & Sons. Forty-three experts were managed to create a comprehensive analysis of the healthcare systems in 22 countries.

Contributed “Global Lessons,” a chapter on electronic health records in England, Australia and Canada for “Aspects of the Computer-based Patient Record Second Edition,” Springer, 2006. Faculty at The Johns Hopkins University edited the book.

Pro Bono IT Consulting to Support Under Served Countries

Conducted an assessment of the best methods to over come the challenges of distance for the Republic of Namibia, Ministry of Health and Deputy Prime Minister, in order to achieve the timely communication of patient information to support HIV treatment in a targeted population.
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